Director AI-Operations Biological Ontologist
September 2020 – Current Day

As the Lead Semantic Technologist at GSK, my team (6 members) and I are playing roles in the intersection of AI/ML platforms, Data Engineering, Pharma R&D discovery, working with world-renowned researchers and data scientists, and inventing the biomedical data store of the future using semantic technology.

Our team uses agile methods and platforms for our work (Jira, Confluence, Figjam, ProductPlan).


Product Owner/Principal Architect – Reference Data Platform
February 2016 – August 2020
As the Product Owner for the Reference Data platform, I
  • was working on a variety of projects related to Information Governance, Research Data Integration, Supply Chain management, and Device Engineering. With my past experiences I have been committed to helping the company achieve even greater success in data integration using semantic technology.
  • developed the vision, overarching guidelines, and frameworks for organizing, representing, and accessing knowledge via semantic models.
  • defined the semantics (taxonomy and ontologies) strategy, priorities for digital content classification, creation and maintenance of taxonomies, ontologies.

Monsanto Co. USA (now BAYER)

Information Intelligence Lead – Research Data Integration Platform
September 2012 – February 2016

As the Information Intelligence Lead, I laid out the vision and launched the Ontology platform- Semaphore for ontology management and utilization and building the infrastructure for Monsanto.

I was responsible for planning and implementation of the semantic foundation to enable innovation in data integration and “smart data mining “by making available an ontology management infrastructure that enables a rich linguistic grounding for areas like qualitative object annotation, text mining, NLP and ML, linked data, improved navigation, filtering and visualization of data.

Monsanto Co. USA (now BAYER)

Global Product Lead – Drought Tolerant Corn
May 2009 – August 2012

As a Global Product lead, leading in a role of influence, I worked with cross-functional teams across varied geographies to help launch a drought tolerant product.

  • Involved in project and portfolio planning / forecasting, reporting on sensitivities/risks, NPV and benefits.
  • Development of decision criteria for efficient decision making, documentation and material hand-off at crucial stages of phase change during the product cycle.
  • Strategic planning for technology launches globally (Seed Planning and production, Seed Transport, Seed Transportation & Compliance, Site Selection etc.)
  • Product Concept Development and valuation
  • Product Management (e.g., Pipeline management via cross-functional team interactions to meet project timelines).
  • Liaison, between external and internal partners, to design, develop, and implement a plan to support new technology introductions into global corn markets.

Monsanto Co. india (now BAYER)

Senior Scientist (Data mining / Systems Biology Group Lead) – Genomics Data Mining Platform.
March 1999 – May 2009
Responsible for building the platform for integrating various genomic and phenotypic datatypes for elucidation of Mode of Action.
  • Development of schema for plant genome databases @ Monsanto.
  • Gene selection and nomination of >100 into the product pipeline for the Corn Yield and Stress program
  • Collaboration Manager for Data analysis of data from the Mendel and Beigene collaboration on transcription factors.
  • Collaborated with Hewlett and Packard to help build the Monsanto’s Ontology Server.
  • Collaboration Manager to liaise between Monsanto and the public Plant Ontology Consortium (3 yrs.) towards release of the Monsanto ontology to the public domain for public use (MTA signed, and Plant Anatomy and Trait ontology released).