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It has been a pleasure working with Clare over the last several months on development of a custom internal knowledge management application. Her expertise in creating sophisticated but elegant ontology models has been a huge asset to my team, and enabled us to progress through several significant project milestones. Clare has a terrific personality and work ethic, and is energetic in applying her skills to new areas and delivering results.

Remarkable and produces results.

Jeff Schacherl
Director of Kite Experience
Kite Pharma
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Alice is the example of a professional and an asset to any project. She understands systems and solutions and rests comfortably between corporate directives and department pain points. She works within her budget and inspires people and resources to perform at a high and productive level. Alice’s approach to data analysis can be described as fervent. Her intensity and enthusiasm toward understanding a puzzle within a data structure is remarkable and produces results.

William Gleason
Director of Sales
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Clare is indeed an awesome smarty pants in all things related to knowledge and information intelligence, and understands semantic modeling and its use in classification and semantic interoperability, especially in relation to life sciences and bio-sciences.

Alan Flett
Senior Product Manager
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I’ve known Clare since shortly after I started at Monsanto. Everyone said, “You must meet her!” Why? Because in addition to her work for the company, Clare is deeply committed to food and nutrition security on a global scale.

Specifically, she (with collaborators) launched a project called the Happy Bar to correct nutritional deficiencies in populations impacted by ostracism. Working with whole food ingredients that are culturally appropriate,
Clare designed a food bar that helps communities with HIV/AIDS and leprosy by providing them vital calories, protein, and micronutrients.

She demonstrates passion for those in need. I’m proud to know her!

Milton Stokes
Communication | Public Affairs | Stakeholder Engagement ~ Advancing Global Health and Nutrition
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Alice is a researcher’s delight, she brings infectious energy, agility, high quality smarts to the projects she works on. She has often been Ms.Dependable for all critical projects we used to work on and consistently delivered above and beyond outcomes. I would heartily recommend Clare for any organizations who are considering her candidature.

Anand Kumar Padmanaban (AP)
Professor of Practice Independent Director | Certified Manager (Lic. # 12058) | Author Advisory Committee CORD IISc
Witmer Health
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Clare is a natural ontologist, who understands the right mix of business terms across the various unit of an organization. She inspires others in bringing the best quality insight with real world predicates. She also brings cheers in life of needful people with her charity organization. I wish her good luck for all the future endeavors.

Dipendra Jyoti
Salesforce (Pub Sec Health)
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I interned at Amgen for 12 weeks, during which Clare was my manager for a Proteogenomics Data Visualisation project. Although I was working in unusual virtual circumstances, Clare made me feel welcomed into the
company and ensured that I gleaned the most from my experience by being readily available. Her managerial expertise was apparent in daily Scrum calls, in which she effectively delegated work and made sure everyone was on track to achieve their goals for the Sprint. Whenever I was unsure about any aspect of the project, big or small, she patiently discussed everything in detail to make sure I had a firm grasp on everything I was doing.

Shreya D'Souza
Incoming Stanford MSCS Student | Brown University CS '21
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I’ve been fortunate to have met Alice 4 years ago – she introduced me to semantic technology and NLP and how it can be used. Very quickly we identified a project that used this technology to join data from multiple systems allowing oversight of processes and performance. Using this platform we gained insight into the supply chain process and are able to do analytics.

That project led to another that allowed visualization of links from regulations/regulatory guidance to internal documents.

It’s a pleasure working with Alice – she has an understanding of the capabilities of technology and an enthusiastic goal focused attitude to see how the technology can be used to improve the way we work, and work to develop and implement the solution.

Nick Haycocks
Senior Specialist QA
Amgen Inc
Mystery Person

Alice (Clare) worked for me for a number of years at Monsanto. During that time she solved a series of longstanding problem that ultimately stemmed from not having a semantic understanding of our data. She built
an ontology representing about 1/3 of our business needs, implemented it and laid out a path for maintenance.

Dr. Seth Dobrin
Globally Recognized Business Leader in Generative Al & Responsible Al | Expert in Al & Generative Al Strategy development | Formerly IBM's First Ever Global Chief Al Officer