Happy Bar Non-Profit & Product Development


Happy Bar Nutrition promotes health for the mind, body and spirit. Short term we provide nutritional snacks to needy populations especially children, the sick, and the aged.  Long term we promote nutritional awareness and solutions to self-sustainability of food.


Nutrition for All – A world of communities with no undernourished people. We produce tasty, healthy snack bars for impoverished children.

Product Management Principles Used:

  • Product concept
  • Ideation
  • Market analysis
  • Opportunity in India
  • Product creation
  • Recipe creation
  • Manufacturing process
  • Machine selection
  • Logo design
  • Product testing with consumers
  • Taste testing experiment design
  • Feedback analytics
  • Feeding study and analytics
  • Prioritization
  • Fund-raising
  • Web-site design requirements

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