Logistics Intelligence platform for On-Demand
Supply Chain Data & Analytics


Amgen Inc


  • Built a semantics drive data engine for logistics visibility and optimization
  • Provides on-demand data enabling the perfect order fulfillment.
  • Allows near real-time access to KPI’s for Logistics Network
  • Current Logistics metrics are focused on delivery; Visibility of data will allow optimization of shipper and Transport Service Provider selection.
  • NLP driven information extraction from structured & unstructured sources
  • Groundwork done on the logistics knowledge graph/ontology/taxonomy enables AI and assisted Machine Learning.
  • Visualization of logistics routes for faster access and to gain insights.
  • Provides Joined/integrated data to enable Predictive / Prescriptive analytics.
Key contribution

Was responsible for delivery of the Platform, played a key role, defining requirements, story writing, sprint planning, Semantic data modeling, data review and preparation, front end design and testing.

As a core team member, I often interacted with VPs, EDs and Directors of Global Quality Organization to gather requirement and do product demo.

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